The Importance of Good Photography On Your Website

The Importance of Good Photography On Your Website

The Importance of Good Photography On Your Website

You should never underestimate the power of good photography to your website. Whether you are selling a product or a service, or you are disseminating information or social networking, images can play a powerful role in how your brand or product is received.

Images are easier to digest. They can convey complex information that can be quickly interpreted. A great photograph can easily convey a story, brand or emotion within seconds. On your website, photography can be used to showcase your work or product, convey your brand, and build trust.

The recent website we did for the awesome Berkley Vale Pre-school is a great example of how imagery can be a powerful tool. The pre-school used the services of a professional photographer, Hayley Mundey Photography, who brilliantly captured the philosophy and the professional, caring environment of the pre-school as well as showcasing their amazing outdoor space.

To get the most out of your website, always use great images. We recommend:
1. Using a professional photographer. Always check the photographers previous works and make sure the photographers “style” is a match with your brand.
2. Stock images such as They can be a great tool but just remember that you may not have exclusive rights to the photo so you may see the same photo on other websites.
3. DIY option. If you are planning DIY use a good DSLR camera and editing software. We provide photo editing services here at Pixel Rains. We use professional photo editing software and can crop, manipulate and adjust images to not only make them website friendly but to make them work for your website.

Always remember to target your photography to your audience and consider your brand. Average photography will make your website look average, great photography will make your website pop.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading.