What is Gutenberg?

What is Gutenberg?

This year I attended my very first WordCamp in Sydney. WordCamp Sydney is a WordPress conference where you can meet other WordPress designers, developers, bloggers and business owners. It was great to hear new ideas, learn some new skills and meet others in the WordPress community. What was fantastic about this conference was hearing all about the next big thing in WordPress…. Gutenberg.

So what is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the next major core release, WordPress 5.0. Gutenberg brings a whole new way to create pages and blog posts. It introduces us to blocks. Previously, the content of your pages and posts lived inside one big page that either looked like a big HTML file or one big word document. With Gutenberg you can create your page out of blocks and blocks can be text, images, videos and much more. Gutenberg opens up a world of opportunities for you to easily create creative pages and posts without the need for a WordPress developer.

This post was created using Gutenberg and each paragraph is a new block. It was very simple to create 🙂

The new page editor

How will Gutenberg affect me?

In most parts, Gutenberg will not affect the look and functionality of your website but there will be a significant change in how you create blog posts and pages. When you edit and create new pages and posts, it will be quite different.

What we are doing?

We’ve already started the process of testing all of our client’s websites using Gutenberg. Shortly we will be in contact with you about your website and let you know if we have any concerns as well as provide you with some more information on how to edit and create pages with Gutenberg. So far we haven’t experienced any major concerns with Gutenberg and our WordPress themes but we do recognise that this is a big change for our clients in how you create and write your blog posts and pages.

When will your website update to Gutenberg?

Today WordPress released their latest update WordPress 4.9.8. With this release came a Gutenberg plugin that you can activate and test out Gutenberg before the big release where Gutenberg will be placed in the WordPress core files. Gutenberg is due for release very soon so we will be rolling out Gutenberg before, to give our client’s the opportunity to test it out.

We’re here for you!

We hope to make this transition with you to Gutenberg as smooth as possible. We’ll be here for you through every step. We’ll do comprehensive testing on all of our client’s websites so you can be assured that your website will look and function the same as it did before.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to read more about Gutenberg, head to the WordPress.org Gutenberg page.

Thanks for reading!

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